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11 dog breeds are prohibited in Gurugram; learn about them and the reasons behind their issues

The Dogo Argentino, that bit the Gurugram woman, has an unsteady temperament and was first bred for big-game hunting in Argentina.

After a slew of dog attacks rattled Gurugram residents, the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum directed the Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG) to ban 11 foreign dog breeds, cancel their registration, take them into custody and keep all strays in pounds.

The Gurugram consumer forum also ordered a payout of Rs 2 lakh as temporary relief for a woman who suffered critical injuries after being bitten by a pet dog in Civil Lines on August 11. The dog’s breed was identified as Dogo Argentino.

The forum directed MCG to devise a policy for pet dogs within three months.


The 11 dog breeds that have been banned are: American Bulldog, American Pit bull terriers, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiller, Boerboel, Presa Canario, Neapolitian Mastiff, Wolfdog, Cane Corso, Bandog and Fila Brasileiro. All these are categorised as “dangerous foreign breeds”.

“The MCG is directed to cancel all the licence/s if any, issued in this regard in favour of the dog owners for keeping the above-cited pet dogs with immediate effect and take into its custody the aforesaid dogs immediately,” the forum said on November 15.

“Every registered dog shall wear a collar to which shall be attached a metal token coupled with a metal chain. The MCG is directed to require that one family will keep only one dog and that whenever the registered dog is taken to public places, its mouth shall be properly covered with a net cap or otherwise,” the 16-page order added.

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The forum has also ordered pet dog owners to carry dog poop bags and poop scoops so that their pets don’t dirty public places.

A proposal to impose a ban on domestication of three breeds of dogs – Pit bull, Rottweiler, and Dogo Argentino was given a go-ahead by the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation in October.

Of late, there has been a spurt in dog attack incidents in Noida as well, with the most ghastly one being reported last month when a stray dog pulled out an infant’s intestines after pouncing on it.


The Dogo Argentino, that bit the Gurugram woman, has an unsteady temperament and was first bred for big-game hunting in Argentina. It is banned or has ownership restrictions in many countries, including Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Turkey. In the UK, it is illegal to own a Dogo Argentino without lawful authority.

Even though an American bulldog bonds strongly with its owner, this breed should never be left alone, bored, in a house. They can get aggressive if not properly trained and socialized from an early age. They are a high-energy breed and can become agitated very easily. However, they don’t attack without provocation.

Most American Pit bulls are deemed to be ferocious. Unless trained well, they should not be kept as house pets. They have a killing instinct. These dogs are banned in 30 countries, including the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Rottweillers are particularly aggressive towards strangers. They are very protective towards their owners. These dogs need a lot of training and attention, without which they could get rowdy.

Boerboel are huge dogs who can get stubborn, at times. An untrained Boerboel can get agitated. They do not like strangers. They shouldn’t be kept without a leash when out.

Presa Canario are extremely large, dominant, and stubborn, and an attack by them can cause very serious injury or even death. They are predisposed to be aggressive.

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Neapolitan Mastiffs can become extremely aggressive when they don’t have early socialisation. They can also be aggressive when they sense a threat towards themselves or their family owners.

Wolfdogs are a mixture of genetic traits. They are less predictable. As many as 40 US states prohibit the ownership, breeding, and importation of wolfdogs, while others have put into place regulations regarding ownership. Most European countries have either banned the animal or put limits on ownership.

Due to their size and strength, Cane Corso dogs can be very dangerous if they are not given proper training. They need to be taught about appropriate behaviour towards strangers.

Bandogs reportedly don’t alert intruders by barking. These canines are not keen on strangers. They are banned in many countries, as they are considered fierce and very difficult to domesticate.

It is illegal to own Fila Brasileiro in Fiji, the UK, Norway, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Turkey. It is classified as a dangerous dog in Trinidad and Tobago.

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